The cycling area of Roero is located in the south of Piemonte, a small but magnificent hilly area famous for its unique wines (Nebbiolo and Arneis) and fruit production (strawberries, chesnuts and peaches) named in 2014 a UNESCO heritage cultural site with Langhe and MonferratoThe name Roero comes from a local noble family of merchants and bankers owners of most lands and castles in the area.

The town of Canale with the small shops and restaurants under the arcades and the Enoteca which represents the entire wine production of Roero.

Castellinaldo is a tiny uphill village mostly dedicated to the viticulture, the balcony in the historical centre offers the unique view on vineyards.

Visit the Castello Reale in Govone, the beautiful baroque building resstored by the Savoy family in 1820 and surrondend by vineyards.

 Bra is the capital of Roero, the birthplace of Slow Food movement which proote the real flavours of the land. The city is rich in noble builings and churches. 

The Giro d'Italia visited recently the Roero region, in 2021 stage 3 ended in Canale and in 2023 the city of Bra hosted stage 12.