Meet our guides

Ride with Davide and his team in order to find the road less traveled, head out on climbs together, or take a break at a local cafe, to take a nice picture or enjoy a good gelato. 

The guides will be there to help you in case of adjustments to your bike or will go with you to the nearest bike-store. But mostly, thanks to them, you will not make a wrong turn or waste time consulting a map! Forget to consider navigating a different culture and foreign language, reading signs and maps, ordering food, some cyclists don’t enjoy doing these things for themselves.

Our guides can also provide the assistance with our private van and constantly looking out for your comfort and safety on the rides.

Join them in our Strava Club

In our professional staff we take advantage of "Accompagnatori Cicloturistici" as by legge regionale 26 novembre 2001, n. 33.